Detroit Lions, you are so much more than just football players

Detroit Lions,

I know your bodies are sore and your confidence is running on empty.  I am writing this to hopefully give you some inspiration.

I am just the Mom to a little boy who loves you.  I am the Mom to a 5 year old little boy who believes in you.  I am the Mom to an amazing little boy whose medical condition holds him back from being able to play contact sports, like football.


Each hit Matthew Stafford takes he cringes.  “Oh, no, Stafford!”  “Look, he’s bleeding, is he okay?”

“Mom, I think Calvin hurt his ankle.”

He gears himself up each week to watch you play and his little heart breaks with every loss but he never gives up on you.

He looks at me with his big hazel eyes, “next week, right Mom?”

He has laid in a hospital bed many times and if he is in the hospital when you are playing, you better believe he makes sure his game is on that TV.

So, no matter how many jerseys people spit on or burn, no matter how many fans leave that stadium early, you are still somebody’s hero.

While you are waiting to run out on that field, you might be worried about what the fans are thinking or what the media is going to say.

You might think you are just a football player, but you are so much more and I want to thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedules to make my son smile.





You are his inspiration and maybe he is yours.