Boy Trying To Collect One Thousand Tubes Of Scented Lip Balm


Oakley is just 5 years old and he loves giving back.  We started our give back opportunities through his page, “Team Oakley” which is a Facebook page dedicated to awareness of his medical condition, Prune Belly Syndrome.

We typically held an annual fun band-aid drive because what kid doesn’t want a cool band-aid after a poke?  We have collected over a thousand boxes over the years to give to Helen Devos Children’s hospital.



This time around, we decided to do something a little different.


While sitting down one day, I asked Oakley what sort of things made his stay better when he had surgery; what made it easier.  That is when he reminded me about the smelly lipstick that he put inside of his anesthesia mask.



That is when we decided we were going to collect scented & flavored chapstick and lip balm.  We thought that this would be a great way to give back and a fun way to get other’s involved to help since there are so many different colors, flavors and scents to choose from.

Why lip balm?
What happens is a member of the child life team will walk into your holding room, the area where you wait to go back to surgery.  They will bring in about five different scents of lip balm for your child to choose from.  Once the child picks their favorite, they pull the top off of the lip balm and rub it on the inside of the anesthesia mask.  This  makes the process of going to sleep a bit easier as it hides some of the smell that the anesthesia gas gives off which isn’t pleasant.

If you look at it as each tube of lip balm is for one child having a procedure or surgery under general anesthesia, it really makes you want to push the envelope and collect as many as possible.

So we went all out and set the goal to One Thousand tubes!




“I’m helping the kids feel better.”

As Oakley get’s older, he has really taken an interest in helping other kids who have to go through tough and painful procedures.  He has a huge heart and is a kind soul, he is always worried about other’s and how they are feeling.

We have written to Lipsmacker, a well known novelty lip balm company, and we were enlightened to hear back from them that they are going to be sending Oakley a donation for his campaign.


We also have a few businesses that have really stepped up and are holding collection drives as well!

While no parent wants their child to have a life threatening illness or disease, it has definitely brought out some positives in our lives such as helping others.  The kids are always thinking of new ways and new ideas to bring to the table for our next campaign.

Oakley’s next surgery will take place on February 23, 2016.  We plan on delivering the Chapstick to Helen Devos Children’s Hospital on February 22, 2016.


What Oakley has collected so far!



The generous donation that Lip Smacker sent Oakley

To help Oakley with his lip balm drive, you can contact Oakley’s Mother at

You can mail your Chapstick or Lip Balm to:
Team Oakley
8531 W Tyler Rd
Sumner, MI 48889

There has also been an Amazon Wishlist created.  You can select from our list and it will ship directly to us; so easy!


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